FINAL GIRL UPDATE! Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games) is cast to play male lead in our FINAL GIRL film:

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FINAL GIRL UPDATE! Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games) is cast to play male lead in our FINAL GIRL film:


View the HIGH NOON MOON Video and Graphic Novel Sample…

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Clive Barker to Helm Zombies vs. Gladiators on Amazon Studios…

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I was listed as one of the 5 key contributors on this awesome genre mash-up script on Amazon Studios. Looks like the studio is moving forward with it as they have brought on Clive barker to do a rewrite. I don’t know if it means that I am getting paid & a story credit, but I thought it was pretty cool. This was a killer fun concept!

It’s Official – OSCAR-Nominated ABIGAIL BRESLIN to Play FINAL GIRL!

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Oscar-nominated ABIGAIL BRESLIN (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE) has just been cast in our FINAL GIRL film being produced by PROSPECT PARK (CRAZY HEART, ROYAL PAINS, WILFRED):

Read about how we developed this screenplay:

HIGH NOON MOON Comic Book Sneak Peak…

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FINAL GIRL Article Up On Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat Website…

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FIENDS Comic Book inks…

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Stephen Scarlata and I have been developing a comic book based on our FIENDS Action-Comedy feature script. We are working with an artist from Australia named Timothy Ides. In the next few months, I may be shooting a filmed teaser for FIENDS based on this very sequence. Here is a first look at the inked panels for the opening pages. What do you think?

There are more panels coming.  Once all the inks are finalized for this entire sequence, then we will have our FINAL GIRL co-writer Johnny T. Silver do the coloring while Stephen and I do the page layouts and add the text.  After that, we will create a cover with our artist & start working on creating an animated motion comic trailer.  At about the same time I should be shooting the actual filmed version using these very panels as inspiration for my storyboards.  Transmedia at its best!