GENRE: Road Film Drama

Grain is the tale of an American photojournalist following an aging Matador on a tour of Baja’s gritty world of minor league bullfighting.

CRAIG EASTON is a frustrated newspaper photojournalist and wanna-be novelist. On a research trip for a travelogue website to Mexico, the writer finds himself at a small, dusty bullring where he watches a battle between a bull and a daring, but reckless matador. Craig is lost in the fight’s mythos and ferocity, but most of all its poetry. Although this is a world where the matadors are forbidden to kill their opponents, they still must risk their lives every time they step into the ring.

This is where Craig meets JAVIER, a decadent, has-been matador. Now in his mid-40s, Javier is desperately giving the circuit one last tour in hopes of capturing contract renewals. No longer the boy on the billboards, Javier can still dance. He is a Quixotic-like figure. Mythical, yet real. Unapologetic, but generous. Javier finds his muse in the sun and shadow of a charging beast.

Craig and Javier bond after a bar brawl. This begins Craig’s adventure into the world of B-level bullfighting. It is a cash and carry existence where Matadors travel by bus, not limo, and dream of reaching the big time despite being years past their prime.

Together they hit the road in search of life and the novel Craig has always wanted to write. It is on this dangerous journey that Craig will step out of the shadows of his comfort zone and into the burning sun where life happens.

Johnny T. Silver, Producer


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