feature synopsis by Alejandro Seri & Steve Scarlata

“Vendetta’s vendetta, but people should shoot the right people.”
– Tony Yucca

Fiends is a visceral, irreverent action film in the vein of Grind House, Sin City and Good, Bad and the Ugly. The stylized noir tale of revenge is set against the dark underbelly of the innocent 1950’s.

VIC LA BREA is a down and out bounty hunter with a guilty conscience. A former cop, he quit the force after a night of drugs, death & mistaken identity. His career and personal life are in ruins. His only solace – the soothing smoke of marijuana.

JIMMY VINE was Vic’s corrupt partner on the force. Unbeknownst to Vic, Jimmy has a questionable past with their mortal enemy, Tony Yucca. Jimmy has a penchant for gambling and cheap cough syrup. When he gets desperate and falls into debt to a gangster politician, Jimmy enlists the help of his old partner, Vic, to go after the bounty on Tony’s head.

TONY YUCCA is a notorious, beatnik porn actor. A degenerate glue sniffer, Tony manages to escape death row. Jimmy and Vic framed Tony for the shooting of his own girlfriend and now he is howling for their blood.

JANE IVAR is a part time actress and full time bored. Part Betty Page sexpot, part Annette Funicello, Jane walks the line between innocent housewife and full blown hop head. Jane and Vic’s seemingly coincidental meeting at a Beatnik coffeehouse leads to a night of sex and drugs. And these kinds of nights always lead to the same thing – trouble.

Nothing good can happen when three fiends high on their vices and fueled by vengeance collide in a roller rink where a pile of money, a satchel full of secrets, and the craziest Mexican stand-off this side of Sergio Leone awaits.


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