HIGH NOON MOON Teaser Script wins the ANIMATE YOUR PROJECT Contest

HIGH NOON MOON Teaser Script wins the ANIMATE YOUR PROJECT Contest presented by indieproducer.net

A teaser trailer script written by Alejandro Seri, based on a feature screenplay by Alejandro Seri and Steve Scarlata.
What is the Animate Your Project Contest?

Are you a creative writer who wants to see your work come alive? Do you ever picture a story in your head, write it down, and wonder what it would look like in motion? Then our “Animate Your Project” contest is for you!

iP has teamed up with Elev8Pictures; a full production, animation firm looking to take your winning project and bring it to life. Whether you are an author, screenwriter, poet, animator, songwriter or simply a creative writer.
Submit your project; between 1-20 page script or storyline, and Elev8Pictures together with IndieProducer, will select the winner and work with you to animate your winning project. This includes bringing in voice over talent and using a full service production house on your animation. iP & Elev8Pictures will promote the winning animated short on their websites and through their affiliates.
Having a professional animation reel for your project will significantly set your project apart from those with just a story on paper. You can finally show your friends and family, in motion, what you’ve been toiling away at all these years!
Submit between 1 and 20 pages of your written work – any work from poems and short stories to feature length scripts and songs or maybe you want to Pre-vis an action scene from your feature length script to show the studio exec what’s in your head when you direct/produce it. Or maybe you just want to share it with your friends and family. Animation company: http://www.elev8pictures.com/
A sweet pre-vis tool which will help us in marketing this kick-ass, Action-Adventure 3D screenplay! Imagine being able to show a fully executed, animated version of your teaser to studio execs.


~ by alejandroseri on July 22, 2010.

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